Diana Ruby, LPC

Do you ever find it difficult to keep up with your own mind? Perhaps your inner voice is always looking for things to worry about or problems to solve. That part of ourselves is there to protect us, and sometimes it does the job a little too well. I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by issues such as anxiety, depression, or staying on track. Such problems make it difficult to navigate relationships as well, and you may find yourself trusting the wrong people. The good news is that you’re not alone, and your current situation can get better.

The goal isn’t to silence your inner voice but to embrace it, so you can become more at peace with yourself. I work with adults of all ages who struggle with problems like anxiety, ADHD, depression, grief, trauma, and more. I also help with life transitions, mid-life struggles, and burned-out care givers. I offer specific, effective treatments based on your needs and my own training and experience.

During the past 25 years I’ve worked in a variety of mental health settings, and I’ve learned that each person is unique. My hope for you is that you leave therapy feeling more confident, armed with the tools you need to pursue your purpose and make the decisions best for you. I look forward to taking this journey together. Contact me today to get started.