Faduma Sheikh-Abdi, LCPC

Discussing the unresolved feelings of trauma is painful, but I assure you, in my space you are seen and heard. All parts of you, even the deeply wounded scars, are welcomed and nurtured. I come from a diverse culture and understand how hard it is to find a therapist that understands the nuances of your existence. If this speaks to you, allow me to guide you through your re-birth of this new life you deserve.


I specialize in treating teens and adults who struggle with depression, anxiety, and life changing stressors (identity, relationships, and work). I have guided first generation American clients in integrating into the community with comfort while remaining true to their intrinsic roots. 


I value authenticity and welcome clients to express their individuality, sexuality, and cultural views with ease. Life can be overstimulating but through the deep shadow work together we can strategically and intentionally grow with grace.